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Welcome to Sunshine Yoga LLC

 There are two ways of spreading light: 
   to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.
   Our mission is to share the gift of yoga...

"Your class has been one of the healthiest, helpful experiences I've had in a long time!"

Give yourself the gift of yoga! 
You'll be amazed at its effect on you. 

Try it for the first time, or
come back to an old practice
and feel RENEWED...

We offer:
  Classes & Community

  Corporate Yoga
Kids Yoga


Email: info@sunshineyogallc.com

Member of the Yoga Alliance and the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association

Yoga for You

Recent scientific research provides evidence supporting what ancient yogis have known for thousands of years...yoga and meditation provide many gifts.
Check here for updates on the latest research summaries!

Benefits of Yoga & Meditation...
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